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Labor Pains: Help for the Hurt

by Bridget Wieczorek, MSN, CNM on October 16, 2014

Let’s face it… childbirth can be a painful process. As a midwife, it’s my job to be there – encouraging, assisting and anticipating a woman’s needs during labor.

While many women choose to use pain medications, there are many others who do not. One of my many roles is to help a woman find which relaxation techniques work best for her in easing the pain of active labor.

There are lots of techniques Methodist Physicians Clinic midwives like to try:

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Tell-Tale Signs Predict When Baby Will Arrive (or Not)

by Cece Norton, MSN, CNM on September 10, 2014

The final month of pregnancy is filled with excitement and anticipation. So many preparations have been made for the big arrival: Showers have been given, nurseries painted, cribs assembled and diapers purchased.

Then you wait.

You wait for some type of sign. Is that a contraction? Did I feel a trickle? I swear I lost my mucous plug! All signs that baby might be on the way.

Each week during an office visit with their Methodist Midwife, visit many soon-to-be moms look to us for a sign things are getting close. One frequent request is to have a cervical exam…. that somehow a number means the time is near.

The truth of the matter is a number really doesn’t predict the arrival of a baby.

When a cervical exam is preformed your provider is looking for more than dilation of the cervix. Many things need to happen before it’s “all systems go.”

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Sunshine Vitamin Keeps Mom and Baby Healthy

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When you become pregnant, there’s a big focus on healthy living for you and your baby. Vitamins are a big part of staying healthy while expecting, and one in particular can do a lot of good. Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” and is important for your overall health. It helps build strong […]

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Does Being Pregnant Have to Come Between Me and My Coffee?

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Empowering Women, Delivering Good Health

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Giving birth is the single most powerful thing a woman can do. It envelops mind, body and spirit. As a midwife, my focus is on seeing women through the entire process.  From the first prenatal visit to labor and delivery, midwives are a very present partner in the birth experience. We spend a lot of […]

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A Midwife “For the Long Haul”

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For women wanting to experience a safe, natural childbirth, midwives are an essential part of the delivery team. It’s a personal approach to care that begins early in a patient’s pregnancy. Midwives are partners throughout a woman’s pregnancy and during delivery, ensuring a personalized birth experience. They work with each patient to provide the kind […]

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Childbirth: A Natural Option

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What does it take to have a natural childbirth experience? Trust. Trusting your own body to have the strength and perseverance to do what it was built to do. Methodist midwives provide family-oriented, safe, personalized, and thorough health care to assure a healthy, positive birthing experience. There are many choices in childbirth and it is […]

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Healthy Baby Comes with a Healthy Dose of Vitamins

November 13, 2013

Most women do a pretty good job of educating themselves about the importance of a healthy lifestyle when they are thinking about getting pregnant. It’s pretty well known that a healthy mom equals a healthy baby. Good nutrition plays an important role in the health of your baby. New discoveries about the importance of getting […]

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Labor: True or False?

August 14, 2013

By the end of pregnancy almost all women can’t wait for labor to begin. Fear is tossed aside and the thought of enduring long hours of pain is welcomed with anticipation. Trust me, you’ll get there. Until you experience labor for yourself it is hard to distinguish between false labor contractions, also known as Braxton- […]

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Natural Childbirth is a Mind, Body and Spirit Experience

May 23, 2013

Childbirth is perhaps the most mentally and physically challenging event a woman will ever experience in her lifetime. For some women, it’s important to meet that challenge head on and give birth without medication or anesthesia. To be successful with natural birth you need to prepare, prepare, prepare. Like an athlete getting ready for an […]

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